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  • Pablo


Levers are designed to magnify force. Through the use of a properly-situated lever, a limited application of force can have a powerful effect. This is what happens with small-scale infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Build an isolated community a new road, perhaps with a bridge, and it ends up getting electricity. With electricity comes refrigeration, lights, and reliable telecom. Daily life becomes a little less of a grind, and public health improves a bit.

People who moved to the city start to come back. Someone opens a store and now there are a couple of new jobs. And so on, and so on. Adam and I have seen this play out in the Dominican Republic.

Camino's first projects will be even smaller than that: repairing some water lines, perhaps, or putting up a small home for a struggling family living in a shack. But the principle is the same: a little investment can go a long way.

Check out how you, your family, your friends, your organization, or your company can get involved in doing just that with a Camino Institute International Seminar.

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