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t r a v e l  with purpose

d i s c o n n e c t  to reconnect

f o c u s  on what matters

b e  of service


about camino

The Camino Institute provides a unique experience of personal growth coupled with meaningful service. We invite individuals, families, and organizations to travel with purpose, disconnect to reconnect, focus on what matters, and be of service to the poor and marginalized. 

By day, we work hard on a tangible project that benefits a family or community in need. In the evening, shared reflection invites each of our travelers to grow in self knowledge, discern authentic desires, clarify priorities, and strengthen relationships.

Camino was founded by two veteran teachers with nearly forty cumulative years of experience working in Jesuit schools. Our methods couple proven teaching and learning principles with the opportunity to deepen – or even rediscover – spirituality and faith.

our programs

The Camino Institute's International Seminars in the mountains of the Dominican Republic can be tailored to meet the goals of your family, friends, team, company, or almost any type of organization, whether faith-based or secular.


Whether you're looking for a family trip with purpose, new angle on a corporate retreat, or just an amazing adventure, Camino will provide an unforgettable experience. 

If your goal is learning a second language, our Spanish language immersions provide a remarkably effective, concentrated experience of total language practice with native speakers. 


Potential future programs may include domestic seminars, weekend retreats, and gap year service-learning experiences for recent high school or college graduates.


experience "thick time"

When you travel with the Camino Institute, you disconnect to reconnect with what matters most. And when you do, time takes on a different quality. Time seems to slow down. Detached from your daily routines, your senses become more attuned. Your awareness and presence grow keener. It's a chance to just "be." It's hard to explain, but it's powerful. One of our co-founders coined a term to describe it: "thick time."

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