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 t r a v e l   with purpose

 d i s c o n n e c t   to reconnect

 f o c u s   on what matters

 b e   of service

We're all travelers on the road of life. Whether we're still in college or well past retirement, the journey continues. At Camino, we believe every stage of life offers an opportunity to grow in self knowledge, be of service with and to others, and deepen our relationships. Getting outside our comfort zone creates the right kind of disruption, inviting us to a renewed focus on what matters most. 

Camino programs begin well before we travel. Through online discussion, reading, and in-person gatherings, your cohort will gain foundational knowledge while building a sense of camaraderie. During the immersion practicum itself, our packed days are unpacked each evening through guided reflection and discussion. And, of course, there's an ongoing followup component designed to sustain learning and growth for everyone involved in our alumni community. 

All of Camino's seminar programs are grounded in reflective practice. Let's face it: we all need to slow down and reflect more often. Our approach is inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, but we don't have any formal religious affiliation. While we embrace self-knowledge and spiritual growth, our cohorts avoid proselytizing. In fact, that's why we avoid calling our programs "mission trips." We focus on building relationships through meaningful service work, honest reflection, and shared discussion as a group of companions. 

international seminar

The International Seminar will take your group far outside the familiar for an unforgettable experience that's challenging, humbling, and enriching.

domestic seminars (more info coming soon)

Our domestic seminars remain inside the United States while partnering with reputable agencies to support a charitable project while providing an experience of purposeful travel.

customized programs

Plan a customized experience. We build a program for almost any kind of group: family, friends, team, church, high school, college, company, board, or executive team.

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