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“Surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and no outside distractions, I found my quiet voice..the one that reminded me of what I am capable of accomplishing and what is true to me.” 


—  Michelle Capizzi, Carlisle Etcetera, LLC

The following testimonial was offered by Mr. Tim Sardinia, Sr., Director at Millennium Funding in Williamsville, New York, following a 2018 Camino Institute trip he took with his wife and four young adult sons.


“Our time together really was a pilgrimage. Both in El Faro and at during our time on the coast, the eight of us spent our evenings talking about our experience and our lives back home. We laughed a lot as we told many stories, but most importantly, we reflected in meaningful ways on what we had done and why we were called to be there. The quality time we spent on this journey together—undistracted by our phones and the pace of our regular lives—was precious on so many levels. We talked about things we don’t often discuss, on levels of depth we don't often reach. 


“The goal for the Camino Institute is to provide an immersive experience that will combine the ability to address tangible needs to assist the poor with the self-reflection that is many times missing but so needed for our own growth as individuals and families. I can now say from my own personal experience: this is an amazing opportunity for individuals, couples, families, or any kind of organization.”

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