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international seminar

 t r a v e l   with purpose

 d i s c o n n e c t   to reconnect

 f o c u s   on what matters

 b e   of service

Comprising the eastern half of the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic ("the D.R.") neighbors Haiti, the site of Columbus' original landing. A developing nation, the D.R. is home to a diverse population of more than ten million. With a nominal per capita GDP of just $7,500 USD, it's also a nation of widespread poverty. 
Camino operates principally in two regions: among the rural campos (villages) of the massive Cordillera Central mountain range, and on the north coast, just east of the tourist city of Puerto Plata. This region is home to many bateys, communities of poor, mostly undocumented Haitians: the outcasts of Dominican society. 

The Seminar begins with a comprehensive prep phase, which includes team-building and a primer in Dominican language and culture. We'll gather in person and online in advance of the trip. 

Our seven night, eight-day international practicum will spend two thirds of the time living in our El Faro campus, sponsoring a meaningful service project. This might involve building or repairing a home for a family, upgrading an aqueduct, or improving a section of road. We'll hire a local foreman. We'll hire local cooks and take our meals together. Packed days will be unpacked each night in guided group reflections with your cohort and leaders, with plenty of time to build relationships with the host community. 

From there, we'll head north to the coast, where we'll stay at a beautiful property near the ocean. We'll assist with a food distribution program that serves the largely undocumented Haitian population. This eye-opening encounter with the realities of extreme global poverty invites travelers to deep reflection. Our discussions will examine the root causes of these conditions, and consider how the experience can affect our mentality and practices back home. (Our 5-day International Seminar does not include the coast component.) 

The International Seminar provides a challenging but massively rewarding experience of personal growth. We'll continue to the reflective journey after the physical one has ended. We'll gather again, in person and in our online community, to explore meanings, trade insights, and consider the future in light of our shared experience.

Dates and Costs

We believe in presenting clients with an up-front program cost that includes everything except airfare. We can help plan air travel, but it is the responsibility of the client to make arrangements within the designated arrival and departure windows. (For groups booking 10 or more travelers, we can arrange a group fare.)

Camino Seminar participants are encouraged to consult with their primary physician prior to travel, and will be provided with general recommendations based on past advice from specialists. The cost of voluntary medical preparations, such as immunizations and antimalarial drugs, is not included in the program fee.


Upcoming Program Opportunities: 

  • June 15-22, 2024 - FULL - booked by private institution

  • July 13-20, 2024 - 3rd Annual Young Men's International Seminar (8-day trip: $2,600) -11 spaces filled, 1 space available

  • This trip is specifically designed for a young men's cohort. Participants must be high school graduates, aged 18+. The reflections and discussions will be oriented toward navigating the young adult years (college age through 20's and 30's).

    • Download the Young Men's Seminar Brochure here.​

  • December 2024, February 2025, and summer 2025 dates are available for booking - use our contact form if interestedContact us using the web inquiry form (click "Contact Us" in the top menu) to reach out about travel for your family, friends, school, company, or organization. We can discuss dates and possibilities.

All prices are per person and all inclusive, except for airfare. 

Zero-interest payment plans are available upon request to pay over time.

Limited sponsorships may be available to defray costs.

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