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dominican  republic campus

 t r a v e l   with purpose

 d i s c o n n e c t   to reconnect

 f o c u s   on what matters

 b e   of service


The Camino Institute's campus is located in the village of El Faro, situated on two beautiful acres of hilltop property in the foothills of the Cordillera Central, the highest mountain range in the Caribbean. This quiet settlement sits astride the Rio Camu and is home to approximately twenty-five families. The surrounding land is used for ranching and agriculture. The landscape is a pastel palette of lush green fields dotted with palm, mango, and citrus trees. Dense pockets of subtropical forest make for shady groves below vivid blue skies, and frequent breezes provide a respite from the sun.


The Camino campus is not about five-star luxury. We invite our guests to enjoy a safe, secure experience that encourages simplicity and minimalism. The feel is one of rustic, quiet comfort. Fresh breezes, sunlight, cool water, and comfortable chairs in shady spaces combine to provide a wonderful respite after a challenging day of meaningful work. We utilize natural decor and landscaping that embraces the environment. Tropical flowering plants line the stone paths that weave among our buildings.

We have four buildings: our "Centro Camino" and three guest cabins. The Centro houses our kitchen, office, storage, utility, and staff quarters. The second level comprises large, partially-covered terrace that offers incredible panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The Centro is the heart of the Camino seminar; it is here that we share our meals, reflections, and discussions. 

Our three guest cabins provide simple but comfortable living spaces. The two smaller, one bedroom cabins accommodate four clients each; our larger cabin can house up to eight in two bedrooms. Each cabin has a well-appointed bathroom, including tiled showers with windows overlooking the valley. Bunkbeds maximize capacity without feeling cramped. Each cabin has a porch providing incredible views over the valley. Plenty of outlets and ceiling fans keep things convenient and comfortable. 

We envision gradual campus developments over the years, including a chapel, walking trails, outdoor showers, and additional covered terraces that provide more secluded spaces for private reflection, prayer, meditation, and conversation.


A view of the campus from the entry driveway.


Each guest cabin has a well-appointed bathroom.


Sunrise from the Centro top deck, enjoyed with local coffee.

Our guest cabins are designed for simple living.


Tropical gardens add color throughout campus.


Our guest cabins were built by local contractors.


Another view from our upper deck.


The beautiful north coast of the DR, where we spend the final part of our longer trips. 


Our campus garden under a moonlit night sky.


Our hilltop campus viewed from the road.

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