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 t r a v e l   with purpose

 d i s c o n n e c t   to reconnect

 f o c u s   on what matters

 b e   of service

Our staff has a wealth of varied experience in education, service, collaborative team building, program development, curricular design, leadership training, and immersive travel.
Whether your organization is a large company, midsize nonprofit, or smaller team of colleagues, we can engage your team in a meaningful way. We'll work together to custom-design a rewarding consulting or keynote experience that will offer inspiring, challenging, and transformative impact.

We've got a story to tell. And so does your organization. Working together, we can get at the very heart of your company or team's ethos, and offer fresh and dynamic perspectives to help bring your initiatives to the next level.


Need a consulting team to help tackle a challenge in "company culture" or "climate?" Our diverse experience in education and immersive travel all over the globe has made us experts at strategic analysis of complex problems - always keeping the foundational mission of the organization in mind. We'll help your team see your own organization from a new perspective by inviting everyone involved to a meaningful, introspective process of discernment, reflection, and honest communication. Don't expect another packaged "PowerPoint special" from the business world. We live outside that world, and we'll bring something unique to the table. 

Simply looking for a powerful speaker to inspire your people? We can do it. We'll bring captivating, thought-provoking stories from our work off the beaten path to bear as we explore what matters most in your mission. We can help reconnect the everyday workings of your nine-to-five with the bigger picture in the world around us. 

Consulting Fees

Our consulting fees vary with the type of service provided. Depending on the nature of the project involved, there may be a one-time fee or an hourly rate for services. 

To inquire, please click on CONTACT in the top menu. Fill out the form and tell us a little bit about your needs. 

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