domestic seminar

 t r a v e l   with purpose

 d i s c o n n e c t   to reconnect

 f o c u s   on what matters

 b e   of service

The sovereign Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation, located at the intersection of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. 2010 Census data makes clear the challenges that face this region:
  • 40% of families below federal poverty level 
  • 32% of homes lack plumbing
  • 46% of adults without a high school diploma
  • 7% of adults hold college degrees
  • Median age is only 24
Camino operates in association with St. Anne's Mission Church, a Catholic organization established in 1927 in Klagetoh, Arizona. St. Anne's provides parish services, youth education and and recreation, food assistance, and housing aid to reservation families. 

Context. Preparation. Action. Reflection. These essential principles of Ignatian education guide the Camino method. Every cohort begins with a comprehensive prep phase, which includes team-building, knowledge-building and a primer in Navajo history and culture. We'll gather in person and online in the months preceding the immersion trip itself. 

Our five night, six-day domestic practicum will be based at St. Anne's Mission Church, assisting with a small but meaningful service project that meets an expressed local need. The project might involve building or repairing a home for a family, upgrading a cistern, or improving a section of fencing. We'll coordinate with a local foreman, and work in conjunction with the parish. Packed days will be unpacked each night in guided group reflections with your cohort and leaders, with plenty of time to build relationships with the host community. Part of our time will be invested in experiencing the local culture and breathtaking landscape, with visits to places like the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, and Monument Valley Tribal Park. Our group will participate in a traditional Navajo sweat lodge ceremony, an ancient spiritual experience that complements the reflective component of the Camino experience.  

This eye-opening encounter with the realities of poverty within the borders of our own country invites cohort members to deep reflection and analysis. Our discussions will attempt to examine the root causes of these conditions, and consider how the experience can affect our mentality and practices moving forward. 

The domestic cohort provides a challenging but massively rewarding experience of personal growth. We'll continue to the reflective journey well after the physical one has ended. We'll gather again, in person and in our online community, to explore meanings, trade insights, and consider the future in light of our shared experience. 

Domestic Seminar Course Fees

All inclusive program fee is per person and includes ground transportation (onsite), accommodations, all onsite meals, course materials and activities (including online component and pre- and post-trip retreats), staff salaries, and contribution to service project(s).

Individuals: $1,300 plus airfare

College Students & Educators: $1000 plus airfare

College student rate applies only to full-time enrolled undergraduates age 25 or younger; Educator rate applies to full time teaching faculty or administrators at the secondary level or lower.

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