young men's

online seminar

An online experience of shared reflection, honest conversation, and meaningful challenge for guys between eighteen and thirty. 
Looking for deep, meaningful conversation with a small group of fellow young men? If you've got 90 minutes one evening per week for five weeks, this might be for you. 
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Upcoming Seminar Dates

FULL: June 23 - July 21 (Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm) for guys 18-24*
June 25 - July 23 (Thursdays 8pm-9:30pm) for guys 25-30*
July 28 - Aug 25 (Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm) for guys 25-30*
July 30 - Aug 27 (Thursdays 8pm-9:30pm) for guys 18-24*
* These age ranges are not absolutely set in stone. If you prefer a set of dates designated for a different age range, or if you are "just a little past thirty," please feel free to inquire about it using the website contact form. We will do our best to accommodate you. In most cases, this will be no problem, as long as you understand that you will be either a few years younger or older than the average age of the other guys in the group.)

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