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young men's

online seminar

 t r a v e l   with purpose

 d i s c o n n e c t   to reconnect

 f o c u s   on what matters

 b e   of service

An online experience of shared reflection, honest conversation, and meaningful challenge for men in or near their twenties. Participants have ranged from eighteen to early thirties.
Looking for deep, meaningful conversation with a small group of other guys? If you've got 90 minutes one evening per week for five weeks, this might be for you. These groups are led by one of the Camino Institute's co-founders, either Paul Cumbo or Adam Baber.
The cost for this five-week program is $179 ($139 for college students). Download our brochure for more details.
Young guy sitting in the forest and enjo

Upcoming Seminar Dates

The Young Men's Online Seminar program has been paused. As Covid-19 restrictions are beginning to ease, it is our hope to shift our programming back to in-person offerings.
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